UNC Charlotte's Dale F. Halton Arena In the fall of 2010, UNC installed Ecoglo F4 Series Photoluminescent Step Edge Stair Nosings on all arena steps in order to enhance facility safety during public events.

Dale F. Halton Arena Director Nina Simmons, after six month’s experience with Ecoglo in her facility said, “It’s a great product and we’re very happy with it. There were no falls by elderly visitors at our December (2010) commencement. It was worth every penny!”

Halton Arena opened December 2, 1996 and is an indoor sports venue located inside the James H. Barnhardt Student Activity Center on the Charlotte, North Carolina campus of UNC. With seating capacity of 9,105, the Halton Arena is home to the Charlotte 49ers men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball teams.

Ecoglo F4 Series Photoluminescent Step Edge Stair NosingEcoglo provides superior step–edge visibility when the lights are on so that facility patrons are fully aware of steps and can see steps clearly because of the contrasting colors of the non-slip material and the photoluminescent pigment. Inattention by patrons to steps is a leading cause of tripping and falling and potential injuries because they just do not see the steps.

When the lights are dimmed for an event or if there is a blackout from a power failure, Ecoglo’s high-performance custom-formulated photoluminescent strips leap into action instantly and will glow clearly and brightly for over 10 hours in total darkness, if required.